On Time

Complete Your Custom Swimming Pool On Time

We’ve all heard the horror stories of construction projects that dragged on for weeks or even months after the anticipated finish date.


While some delays are unavoidable (bad weather, emergencies, etc.), the fact is that the vast majority of building delays are due to poor planning, lack of coordination, and lack of accountability. With a U•Build•It℠ Swimming Pool’s years of experience on your team, these kinds of problems are greatly reduced.

We’ll help you get your job done on time by providing the tools to effectively manage the job from start to finish. You’ll receive a customized construction documents that shows everything that needs to be done so nothing falls through the cracks. You’ll schedule everything before construction begins. You’ll know when and how to order the right materials, and how to hire and the right suppliers. Checklists will be provided and reviewed frequently to make sure the project stays on course.

Using our system, you’ll be able to stay on top of all the details, worry free. And in the end, you’ll be swimming in your new custom pool right when you had planned.